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The Bear Creek Cattle Company farm is nestled in the Bear Creek valley, on the edge of the Chattahoochee National Forest outside of Ellijay, Georgia. The farm is family owned and has been in continuous operation since the Cherokee Indians walked the same creek banks that flow through the valley. In 2004, Will and Tiffany Beattie purchased what was once the original homestead of the farm and began a family. In 2011, the remainder of the farm acreage was purchased and the Beattie’s became the third family of record to assume farm operations. In 2012, the Bear Creek Cattle Company LLC was officially formed and opened for business.

Our Bear Creek Cattle Cows
Our Bear Creek Cattle Farm

Our Bear Creek Cattle Cows
Our Cattle

Our Cattle have been selected from the finest genetics available in the beef industry. We run a herd of Registered Braunvieh as well as a number of commercial cattle with influence from Black Angus, Simmental, and Hereford. Each cow was hand selected for their fleshing traits and selected from cattle lines known for their superior marbling and meat tenderness. All of our cattle spend their entire life on lush green pastures. We use rotational grazing methods that keep the herd in the cleanest environment possible. The cattle are given free choice access to the finest vitamins and minerals, water from crystal clear mountain streams, and fresh mountain air. During the finishing phase, our steers receive our own blend of the freshest grains to ensure maximum beef quality. We are committed to producing fine beef, naturally. That means we do not use any form of growth hormone, feed efficiency enhancers, anti-biotics, and we never use insecticides. Our goal is to provide our customers with a local, all natural, fresh alternative to commercially produced beef. All of our beef is just that…100% pure beef. No preservatives, no added fillers.

Our Bear Creek Cattle Cows
Experience Bear Creek Cattle Company beef. You will taste the difference and have the peace of mind that what you are providing to your family is not only delicious, but wholesome and healthy. We grow cattle and produce beef like our forefathers once did.

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